Troubadour Foundation Testimonials

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Khristian Mizzi

Khristian Mizzi

"Receiving the Troubadour Foundation award back in 2016 had such a positive and ongoing effect on me and was one of the defining moments in my music career to that point. Not only did the prize help me to release my solo debut EP, but the overwhelming support from Andrew Pattison and the Troubadour audiences throughout these last few years has been such an integral part of the Musical community I feel I belong to and the artist I am now."

Michael Waugh

M<ichael Waugh

"Not only did the Troubadour Foundation fund my first album - leading to a Golden Guitar nomination and the start of my career in music - but they hosted me at some of the most special concerts and performances of my life. As a listener, I was enthralled, inspired, educated, awe-struck; as a performer, I felt heard, valued and embraced as part of a thoughtful and supportive community of artists and audience members. The foundation is devoted to the sacred art of listening with closed mouths and wide open hearts - and I am indebted to all they have given me."

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